Protection against Infection

Effects of B. longum BB536 for preventing influenza

(1) Preventing flu symptoms in elderly people
Twenty-seven elderly people 65 years and older were administered B. longum BB536 powder (containing more than 100 billion B. longum BB536 per day) for 19 weeks.
During the study period, the number of subjects with flu symptoms and body temperatures over 38℃ was fewer in those who consumed B. longum BB356 than those who did not.
Also, NK activity and neutrophil bactericidal activity were increased after B. longum BB536 administration, providing evidence ofenhanced immunity.

(2) Preventing pathogenic E. coli O157 infections
In a study using germ-free mice that had been administered pathogenic E. coli O157, all of the mice died within 32 days. In contrast, in mice that had been previously colonized by B. longum BB536, the O157 infection was suppressed and no mice died during the study period. A similar preventive effect against infection with E. coli O111 was also observed in mice.

Effect of B.longum BB536 for preventing O157 infection

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