Why BB536? -Six Key Points-

  • Reach the large intestine alive!

    Although most bifidobacteria are sensitive to exposure to acid and oxygen, B. longum BB536 is more resistant than other human strains. The high number of these living bacteria in the product helps ensure that the bacteria can reach the large intestine in viable condition.

  • A Bifidobacterium strain that has adapted to live in humans!

    B. longum BB536 is a strain of bifidobacteria residing in humans, and was isolated from a healthy infant. Some commercial Bifidobacterium products use strains residing in animals, but we believe the strains that are most beneficial to humans are the strains distributed originally in humans.

  • The selected strain among a variety of bifidobacteria!

    Names of Bacteria sometimes have a letter and number code, which is called a strain designation. Just like different people have different characters, different bacterial strains, even from the same species, can differ in physiological functions and morphology. The strain designations are intended to differentiate bacterial strains based on such differences. BB536 is a strain designation, and it is a strain specially selected from a variety of bifidobacterial strains.

  • Studied for a variety of physiological functions!

    Various functions have been attributed to B. longum BB536 during its many years of research, including maintaining intestinal health, protecting against infection, preventing allergies, improving blood lipids, reducing cancer risk and increasing bone strength.

  • Has been used in more than 30 countries around the world!

    B. longum BB536 is used in more than 30 countries as an ingredient in health foods and baby foods, such as yogurt, nutritional supplements and infant formula. B. longum BB536 has gained worldwide recognition.

  • Safety proven through many years of research and consumer use!

    With its safety recognized through more than 40 years of research and consumer use, B. longum BB536 has been granted Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status in the US.